What are e-bikes?

Electric bikes are bicycles with a built-in motor that give assistance to the cyclist. The rider still gets the feeling of cycling a bike, with less struggling. 

E-bikes sales are growing year-on-year in Ireland and sales across Europe are well into the millions annually.. E-bikes are well suited to the hill terrain of Ireland's highlands and are perfect for people who love the outdoors but aren't ready to take on steep climbs, or would like to take the weight off their legs.

An e-bike works so that when the cyclist presses down on the pedals, the motor gives them assistance. This makes cycling easy and enjoyable for even the least experienced and least athletic cyclists.

We have a wide range of e-bikes, both new and second hand,  to suit all needs and all levels of ability. Don't be afraid to drop us a message and we'll help you choose a bike to suit your needs. 

"We have been in the cycling business in Donegal now for 10 years and have been using electric bikes for 7 so we know exactly what e-bikes suit the landscape of the North West"

Séamus, Donegal E-Bikes