What is an Electric Bicycle (E-Bike)?

An electric bicycle is just like an ordinary bicycle, but with an electric motor that provides assistance to your pedalling.

Electric bicycles don’t come with a throttle – instead, you cycle them like an ordinary bike. The e-bike senses when you pedal and automatically activates the motor.

This make it easy for anyone who can cycle an ordinary bicycle to adapt to an e-bike.

The benefits of e-bikes compared to ordinary bicycles are that you can cycle father, faster, and more easily. You still get plenty of exercise – but it’s at a gentler level.

About Donegal E-Bikes

Donegal E-bikes was born out of our love for the great outdoors

Having run the highly acclaimed cycling holiday company Ireland By Bike for 12 years we saw how E-bikes were the perfect fit for the Irish countryside.  With that in mind we began a new venture to make quality e-bikes available to everyone in North West Ireland. 

We stock only high quality products and all of our bikes are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Feel free to give us a call on 087 4522580 for advice on what is the best electric bike for you.

Donegal E-Bikes founder Séamus on Mount Errigal, Co Donegal