How far can an ebike go on a full charge?

The range of an ebike depends on:

  • Battery capacity (bigger battery = greater range)
  • Terrain (you can travel farther on smooth, flat roads)
  • Assistance level (the more you contribute by pedalling, the greater the range)
  • Temperature (you get more charge from a battery in warm weather)
  • Motor efficiency (efficient ebike motors will take you further)
  • Wind (a tailwind increases range, and headwind reduces range)
  • Condition of the ebike (correct tire pressure and well-lubricated parts increase range)

But as a rough guide, most ebikes have anywhere from 30 to 120 km of range. And the ebikes for sale at Donegal ebikes are mostly at the upper end of this range. You can use the above calculator to get a better estimate based on your ebike and riding conditions.

How long does it take to charge an ebike battery?

The charge time depends on the battery and charger. But in general, anywhere from two to six hours for a full charge (0 to 100). For most people, a slow (4-6 hour) charge is fine, as they charge their ebike overnight. Indeed, a slow steady charge is ideal for prolonging battery life.

But if you need to recharge more quickly, you may be able to buy a faster charger for your ebike battery. Look for a charger with a high current capacity in this case.

Can you recharge an ebike on the go?

Most ebike chargers are small and light enough to take in your backpack. This makes it possible to bring a charger on your trip to recharge while you stop at a café. A quick ebike charger could give you 70 km of range for one hour’s charging.

How many hours will an ebike battery last?

An ebike battery typically gives you one to six hours of ride time on a full charge.

You can generally assume an average speed of 25 km/h when cycling an ebike. So 100 km of range means about 4 hours of cycling time.